Stan Fornaszewski & Pearl Bailey (American actress, singer and author)

Stan Fornaszewski | Pearl Bailey

Count Basie Sax Section (Kenny Hing, Chris Woods, Eric Dixon, Danny Turner) at Fornaszewski Music Store, Granite City, IL. c1983

Count Basie Orchestra saxophone section stops by Fornaszewski Music Store, to pick up Clarinets for their show with Rosemary Clooney at Fox Theater, St. Louis, Mo.
Count Basie Sax Section at Fornaszewski Music Store

Stan Fornaszewski & Louie Bellson (Jazz drummer, composer, arranger, bandleader & jazz educator)

Stan Fornaszewski | Louie Bellson

Louie Bellson on Stan's Drums

The only thing more fun than playing Louie Bellson's drumset, is watching Louie play mine.
Louie Bellson on Stan's Drums

George Benson (American jazz fusion guitarist, singer & songwriter) & Stan Fornaszewski

George Benson | Stan Fornaszewski

Stan Fornaszewski & Ray Brown (American jazz double bassist)

Just standing next to the wonderful Ray Brown, is a lesson for any musician in how to add life to any song at any tempo. A super musician and super nice person!
Stan Fornaszewski | Ray Brown

Stan Fornaszewski & Les DeMerle (American jazz drummer, vocalist & bandleader)

I am a big fan of Les DeMerle. From his days with Harry James' big band and his progressive jazz group "Transfusion", to jazz festivals clinics & everything since, Les DeMerle can play anything and just sounds great on everything he does.
Stan Fornaszewski | Les DeMerle

Stan Fornaszewski & Les Elgart (American swing jazz bandleader & trumpeter)

Stan Fornaszewski | Les Elgart

Stan Fornaszewski & Peter Erskine (American jazz drummer, Weather Report, Steps Ahead & many more)

Peter is in my top 5 drummers of all time. When Pete was with Maynard Ferguson, Pete was kind enough to spend some drum time with me at my house, when he stayed for a night. We've crossed paths several times since. He's always running to another gig! Go Pete Go!
Stan Fornaszewski | Peter Erskine

Peter Erskine & Stan Fornaszewski

This was in Atlanta, GA, a day after a really nice concert where the Maynard Ferguson band played in front of an Ice Skating Rink inside the Peach Tree Mall Center(?). It was the last time I saw my favorite Maynard Ferguson Rhythm Section (Pete Erskine, Gordon Johnson, and Biff Hannon) play live together. There have been great trios since, but these original guys were the pioneers that developed a new sound for that band - one that almost everyone has been reproducing since.
Peter Erskine | Stan Fornaszewski

Maynard Ferguson (Trumpet & Bandleader) with Armand Zildjian (Zildjian Cymbal maker) & Stan Fornaszewski

A great Zildjian Drummer's party featuring Maynard Ferguson playing with all of his former drummers sitting in. c1990.
Maynard Ferguson | Armand Zildjian | Stan Fornaszewski

Stan Fornaszewski | Count Basie Orchestra

Stan Fornaszewski | Count Basie Orchestra

Stan Fornaszewski & Vic Firth (American musician & founder of Vic Firth Company)

Stan Fornaszewski | Vic Firth

Stan Fornaszewski Orchestra at Channel 5 Studio, St Louis, Mo

Full band, in the studio of St Louis Channel 5 - promoting an upcoming 5-concert series throughout the St Louis area.
Stan Fornaszewski Orchestra at Channel 5 Studio, St Louis, Mo

John Fornaszewski, Stan Fornaszewski & Skitch Henderson (American pianist, conductor & composer)

My father, John Fornaszewski introducing me to Skitch Henderson - 1st leader of the NBC Tonight Show Orchestra. Hi Skitch, where are the drums?
Stan Fornaszewski | John Fornaszewski | Skitch Henderson

Stan Fornaszewski & Milt Hinton (The Dean of American jazz bass players)

Simply not enough room to list all of the musicians and bands this man has performed with. Or, the many historical photos that Milt and his wife Mona have preserved and contributed to the world.
Stan Fornaszewski | Milt Hinton

Stan Fornaszewski & Duffy Jackson (American jazz drummer)

My dear drum friend that I've known since age 10. We've met many times in Granite City, St. Louis, Chicago & Los Angeles. We have enjoyed many great drummer conversations at Steak n Shakes, stages, and lengthy phone calls. Pure drum fun!
Stan Fornaszewski | Duffy Jackson

Stan Fornaszewski & Harry James

Simply one the most famous successful trumpet players in the world, with a lengthy career leading the swinging-est, and most danceable, jazz big band ever! I auditioned for Harry's manager, and almost had the job, until he found out I was only 15 at the time.
Stan Fornaszewski | Harry James

Stan Fornaszewski & Jo Jones (American jazz drummer aka Mr. Hi-Hat)

Great player and jazz innovator!
Stan Fornaszewski | Jo Jones

Gene Krupa & Stan Fornaszewski (American jazz drummer, bandleader & composer)

The most influential drummer in the history of popular music. Also the only Jazz Musician to appear as himself in over 15 Hollywood movies.
Gene Krupa | Stan Fornaszewski

Stan Fornaszewski & Roy Knapp (Famous drum teacher & Radio musician)

Drum teacher for Gene Krupa, Dave Tough, George Wettling & Louie Bellson. Roy was a longtime orchestra member on shows broadcast on WLS. About 10 years after this photo, I became friends with Roy's son, Don Knapp (drummer for Hello Dolly, and other road shows).
Stan Fornaszewski | Roy Knapp

Frankie Laine (American singer/songwriter) & Stan Fornaszewski

With over 160 albums, Frainkie Laine was the 3rd most-recorded singer in the world.
Frankie Laine | Stan Fornaszewski

Frankie Laine & Stan Fornaszewski

On stage…
Frankie Laine | Stan Fornaszewski

Stan Fornaszewski | Frankie Laine

Frankie Laine gave me great advice that he attributed to his success. It has been valuable to me many times over. Thank you, Frank!
Stan Fornaszewski | Frankie Laine

Larry O'Brien (Bandleader for Glenn Miller Orchestra) & Stan Fornaszewski

Larry led the Glenn Miller Orchestra from 1981-1983 and 1988-2010. Three members of the Stan Fornaszewski Orchestra became full-time members of the GMO.
Larry O'Brien | Stan Fornaszewski

Sonny Paine (American jazz drummer - Count Basie & Harry James) & Stan Fornaszewski

Sonny Paine was a most exciting drummer to watch and listen to. Full of high energy and always doing something rhythmic.
Sonny Paine | Stan Fornaszewski

Stan Fornaszewski & Sonny Paine (American jazz drummer)

Drummer, Sonny Paine performed only 1 drum clinic in his whole career, at Fornaszewski Music, Granite City, IL. (Bill Ludwig, II of Ludwig Drums, flew in to see it.) Here is Sonny playing a Buddy Rich Drum Kit, with me (Stan Fornaszewski) as his participant. This was the greatest Count Basie lesson anyone could get (except from Count himself). FYI: The Buddy Rich Drum Set that Sonny is playing, was purchased from Buddy in Springfield, IL, and later sold to drummer, Dave Weckl.
Stan Fornaszewski | Sonny Paine

Helen Reddy (Australian-American singer, actress, television host & activist) & Stan Fornaszewski

We met twice. Here in St Louis, where we performed on the same bill (c1991), and a few years later at her home in Santa Monica. I knew many of her songs, but when I got to see a table piled with Grammies and awards, I had forgotten just how many hits she had. (It was a comfortable home. I could have moved to Santa Monica.)
Helen Reddy | Stan Fornaszewski

Stan Fornaszewski & Buddy Rich (American jazz drummer & bandleader)

This photo was taken at Interlochen, Michigan in the late 70s. Buddy Rich was loaded with talent and never disappointed. The last time I saw Buddy was in the mid-80s, about a year before he passed. I was asked by our local cable station to interview Buddy on his bus, in St Ann, MO - where he was performing outdoors at a mall on a hot 104 degree hot day. It was floating around YouTube a few years back.
Stan Fornaszewski | Buddy Rich

Stan Fornaszewski & Cesar Romero (American film, radio & television actor & activist)

This time the local cable station wants me to interview some JOKER!
Stan Fornaszewski | Cesar Romero

Stan Fornaszewski & Marshall Royal (American jazz alto saxophonist / clarinetist with Count Basie, Capp-Pierce Big Band & more)

Marshall joined Count Basie in the late 50's and for the next 20+ years, re-styled the Count Basie Saxophone section's phrasings and interpretations into what we hear today. Here is Marshall at his home in L.A.
Stan Fornaszewski | Marshall Royal

Danny Thomas (American actor, singer, nightclub comedian, producer & philanthropist) & Stan Fornaszewski

Here I am, giving a Marimba Lesson to the founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Danny Thomas | Stan Fornaszewski

Danny Thomas & Stan Fornaszewski

If Danny Thomas can learn to play, so can you!
Danny Thomas | Stan Fornaszewski

Stan Fornaszewski & Gene Simmons (KISS bassist & co-lead singer)

Who wants to Rock and Roll all night!
Stan Fornaszewski | Gene Simmons

Stan Fornaszewski & Kay Starr (American singer)

Wheel of Fortune, Rock & Roll Waltz, and many more…
Stan Fornaszewski | Kay Starr